Best hotel in Thekkady,Kerala

best hotel in thekkady

Situated in Kerala, Thekkady is the popular location housing Periyar Park. Dazzling in spectacular natural beauty, Thekkady is situated on the banks of Lake Periyar. One of the most pristine wildlife reserves of India, Periyar National Park is home to numerous rare species of flora and fauna and its beauty is enhanced further with the presence of beauteous Periyar Lake inside. Thus frequented both by wildlife and nature lovers, Thekkady hotels are created to offer a pleasure dome during the jungle. Mostly between wildlife enthusiasts these hotels in Thekkady come in close proximity to the park and so are ideal base for your travellers.

Sun rays piercing over the shady roof in the trees sprinkles in the park and seem to have enlivened. The beauty of Thekkady is further enhanced using the presence of its aromatic Cardamom hills and breathtaking vistas of gorgeous hill station Kumily. Such is the charm of this quaint area of South India that travellers rush throughout the world to have a look at its scenic beauty. Such high inward flow of holidaymakers each year makes it difficult to find lodging options thus, make sure you book hotels in Thekkady well in advance to avoid succumbing to inconvenient compromises.

Thekkady hotels are well maintained standard hotel properties. Situated in the middle of awe inspiring natural abundance, these hotels are small cocoons of comfort and tranquility. Wake to the chirping of the birds and enjoy the take a look at emerald hues straight from your rooms at these hotels in Thekkady. Cool breeze, verdant foliage and a soothing ambiance surrounds you at these hotels. Amongst best of the luxury hotels in Thekkady following are the renowned for their design, ambiance and hospitality.

hotels in thekkady

The Elephant Court: Perfectly blending the tranquility of jungle and type of luxury stay together, The Elephant Court is articulately designed to offer best of the aspect.

The Spice Village: In the middle of the amusing aroma of exotic spice plantation around, The Spice Village resort is fantastic for enjoying a romantic time. The attractive cottages of the resort are inspired with the wooden hut accommodation. They are nature friendly cottages are adorable lodging lined with flower beds in the front.

Carmelia Haven: The beauty of green hills and cosy ambiance is along with affordable prices, now what else could a traveller over a restricted budget could require.

Hotel Ambadi: The theme resort with humble settings is blessed with gorgeous environs of Periyar Tiger Reserve. Inspired known as the birth place of Lord Krishna, Ambadi Resort is decked beautifully with references on the lord's life.

These Thekkady hotels have adopted various flavours of Kerala inside their design, ambiance and hospitality at the same time. Food is a significant feature and these resorts have multi-cuisine eating offer for their international guests and concentrate on producing delectable South Indian recipes. The amicable staff with the resorts is sophisticated and loves pampering your attendees with flawless services.

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